MeshWrx Technology Overview

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Mesh Technology Comparison

What to know before you switch

DescriptionAverage alarm transmission speed to call center
MeshWrx1-3 seconds
Cellular45 seconds
Landline45 seconds
DescriptionDedicated transmission signal to Call Center
Description100% uptime
DescriptionWill require future upgrades as technology changes
DescriptionLong-term service contracts required
DescriptionConnection test frequency
MeshWrx3 Seconds
Cellular24 Hrs
Landline24 Hrs

Benefits of Mesh Technology

Save Money

Your current system may be costing you a small fortune. Monthly costs for telephone lines are increasing as quality and reliability are decreasing. Increased service calls and time spent tracking down issues are additional costs incurred with these outdated systems. Switching to cellular or IP may require long-term contracts and regular upgrades in equipment costs as technology changes. With our MeshWrx solution, we eliminate the cost of expensive phone lines, upgrades are never required, and our technology has been proven to be more reliable.

100% Uptime

Cellular and IP systems tend to slow or drop as more users are added to the system. MeshWrx system performance is improved through radio-mesh network technology that creates multiple paths for an emergency signal to reach first responders, self-configuration and smart routing results in 100% uptime.

No Upgrades Required

As technology bandwidth increases with cellular and IP their equipment becomes obsolete over time. With mesh technology, once installed, forget about it. There’s no “sunset” to mesh technology.


Unlike tower-based solutions or other single-route systems, MeshWrx wireless technology is resistant to environmental disturbances and equipment problems because it continually optimizes multiple signal paths. During Hurricane Harvey (Houston, TX; 2017) Mesh Technology was the only uninterrupted communication source (landlines, cellular, and IP all failed).

Fastest Alarm Signal Transmission Speed

Mesh communicates alarms in less than 3 seconds compared to telephone lines, cellular, or IP that can take up to 45 – 60 seconds. Making mesh technology the fastest alarm signal and safest choice for your properties.

Did You Know?

During Hurricane Harvey (Houston, TX; 2017) Mesh Technology was the only uninterrupted communication source compared to landlines, cellular, and IP – which all failed.

Did You Know?

In March 2015, landlines in Florida were shutdown after a local Collier County phone company abruptly closed, putting delivery of fire alarms in jeopardy.

Did You Know?

Mesh technology is proven to be more dynamic, less disruptive and more tolerable under RFI or jamming conditions compared to cellular technology.

Did You Know?

Mesh networks were originally built for the demanding military communication pathways. Today’s mesh networks are still trusted by military, fire and police departments.

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