Mesh Vs Cellular Part 5 – Total Cost Of Ownership

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In our previous blog post (Mesh vs. Cellular – Obsolescence), we identified a problem that building owners and their managers are facing –the outdated, inefficient and unreliable phone lines required for monitoring fire and life safety systems.  We introduced the choices available in the market today –Mesh Radio vs Cellular Technology.  In this blog post, we continue the comparison and focus on the issue of Total Cost of Ownership.

Total Cost of Ownership for MeshWrx Solution

The MeshWrx solution is built to do one thing – alarm monitoring communication.  Alarm signals transmit data that communicates information in a very simple format.  This format uses very little bandwidth to transmit these signals.  As a result, the technology used to communicate is very stable and there is no need to update the technology to take on additional functionality.

In addition, one of the unique aspects of using a wireless mesh network for alarm transmission is that in doing so the user becomes part of the network service provider.  Each device on the network acts as a receiver, transmitter, and router of signals.  Unlike other networks, a mesh network’s performance improves as more users are added to the network.  The cooperative nature of the network gives participants more control over the network, and more importantly, it lowers their cost.

A major benefit of using wireless mesh for alarm communication is that there are no requirements for future technology upgrades so it dramatically lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Total Cost of Ownership for Cellular Solutions

Cellular solutions compete for space on the cellular network.  The cellular network is always evolving and expanding to accommodate more traffic and data.  The network is based on the “G” platform which is updated every 2-3 years.  With each evolution, the existing technology becomes outdated and it’s only a matter of time before users are required to upgrade to current technology.  Investing in a cellular solution requires equipment upgrades every few years just to maintain existing functionality on the network.  There is no added benefit to the subscriber other than basic connectivity.

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