MeshWrx Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between MeshWrx’s radio mesh technology and cellular technology?

Cellular is sunset technology, eventually, the cellular monitoring units that you purchased and installed will have to be replaced with new units as obsolete G (Generation) networks get canceled and are no longer supported by communication companies. With MeshWrx, the sun never sets, it is “future-proof technology.”

What is the difference between MeshWrx radio mesh and conventional radio technology?

The MeshWrx network provides multiple paths and each subscriber unit can adapt to changes in the system. In contrast, other conventional radio systems rely on repeater/tower technology with potential single point / single path failure: if a tower goes down, subscribers will be out of service.

What alarm panels are compatible with MeshWrx units?

All alarm panels are compatible with MeshWrx transceivers. There is a wide range of interface options:

  • There are direct “zone” inputs on every MeshWrx transceiver unit.
  • The MeshWrx AES-IntelliTAP dialer receiver module, an option for most transceiver units, “reads” the digital dialer output of many types of alarm panel and conveys the information by radio.
  • “FDX” (full data transfer) modules are provided by some panel manufacturers that create a data link from alarm panel to radio communicator.

Is the MeshWrx AES units California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) and UL listed?

Yes. California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection Office of State Fire Marshal

  • Listing No. 7300-1516:0501

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listings:

  • Central Station Alarm Units (AMCX.S5103)
  • Control Unit Accessories, System (UOXX.S5103)
  • Control Units, System (UOJZ.S5103)
  • Direct-plug-in and Cord-connected Class 2 Power Units (EPBU.E233686)
  • Police-station-connected Alarm Units (APAW.S5103)
  • Smoke-control-system Equipment (UUKL.S5103)

What industries does MeshWrx serve?

MeshWrx serves all industries. No matter if you own buildings in commercial properties, retail, education, healthcare, government, or restaurants; MeshWrx will be the best solution for you.

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