MeshWrx was born from experience. Through our parent company, VFS Fire and Security Services, we have 20 years of experience making sure your safety comes first. VFS provides services and products for fire sprinkler systems, fire alarms, security systems, and data cabling and communications.  VFS is continually developing industry-leading technology that complements our services to provide the best customer experience in the fire and life safety industry. MeshWrx represents the latest technology offering to come out of VFS Fire and Security Services.

Our founder, Randy Nelson, recognized a need to deliver a more reliable fire and life safety monitoring system in the market. He invested in a technology to impact life-saving communication and MeshWrx was born. Randy is part of two NFPA technical committees that are responsible for writing the fire sprinkler and foam system codes that are referenced throughout the world. With this knowledge Randy was able to leverage his knowledge and offer a solution that is more reliable, and less expensive using mesh radio technology.

MeshWrx Fire Alarm Monitoring System provides reliable, cost-efficient and hassle-free fire alarm monitoring solutions.  Originally built for the demanding military, police, and fire communication, MeshWrx radio frequency’s quick response times and unparalleled reliability are proven to be the most effective choice in protecting lives and property. MeshWrx advanced wireless mesh technology offers the greatest reliability based on industry standards and is the fastest method available in the industry for fire alarm monitoring.

Mission Statement

At MeshWrx, we provide best-in-class fire monitoring solutions for busy property managers and owners. Our mission is to protect our customer’s property and businesses through our superior technology and a faster, more reliable network that provides our clients peace of mind by saving them the hassles, headaches and time.

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