Client Spotlight: Garvey School District


Garvey School District Chooses Students Over AT&T

As the Facilities Director for Garvey School District, Kevin Hobby is always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of his operations and reduce on-going costs. Kevin identified the amount of money that Garvey School District was spending on telephone lines. He and his team began to look for alternative communication solutions for their alarm monitoring needs. He investigated wireless technologies including cellular solutions and MeshWrx’s mesh radio technology solution. His number one criterion was reliability. In the event of an incident occurring at one of his campuses, he wanted to make sure that the communication system would perform. He compared the mesh technology solution to other wireless communication solutions and chose MeshWrx for the following reasons:

  1. Fastest response time– When an alarm is triggered, the MeshWrx signal reaches the call center in 3-5 seconds compared to cellular solutions that can take up to 45 seconds to reach the call center.
  2. Reliability– Mesh technology uses smart radio devices to communicate with each other. Each device acts as a repeater, transmitter, and receiver of radio signals. If one link is down, there are virtually thousands of communication paths still available. A cellular link can be brought down if a single tower fails.
  3. Prioritization– The MeshWrx system is solely dedicated to transmitting alarm signals between users and the call center. With a cellular solution, it’s impossible to prioritize the alarm signal amongst the other traffic on the cellular network.

In addition to system performance and reliability, Kevin and his team were also able to save Garvey School District a significant amount of money per year in monitoring costs, simply by upgrading to MeshWrx wireless alarm monitoring solution. MeshWrx’s no-cost installation made it easy for the district to implement the solution with no out-of-pocket expenses for equipment and installation.

Upon completion, Kevin Hobby shared – “Upgrading to the MeshWrx alarm monitoring solution saved us $22,620. These are valuable funds that we are investing back into the school district, our student’s needs and education annually. Also, because there were no out-of-pocket costs for equipment and installation, our district saved an additional $19,500! This was not only a great cost-saving solution for our district, but the system is more reliable than what we had in the past. I highly recommend MeshWrx monitoring!”

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