MeshWrx monitoring not only saves you time when every second counts, it also saves you money every month!

Did you know?—The first commercial fire alarm monitoring system was developed in 1852 and used the telegraph system as a means to summon the fire department in a fast, efficient manner. The system eventually evolved from using telegraph lines and was replaced with telephone lines as the primary means of communication. For decades, fire alarm monitoring systems have relied on “wires” as the primary communication backbone for fire alarm monitoring.

The Problem with Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

In the past couple of decades, people have been migrating from using landline telephone systems (POTS) and switching to other communication technologies like cellular or VoIP systems.

For years, the landline infrastructure was maintained by companies like AT&T to ensure ongoing reliability and accessibility of this technology, and the monthly phone bills included a service charge to pay for the ongoing maintenance of the system. However, as users abandon landlines in favor of other technologies, there are fewer and fewer users paying to support and maintain this technology. In fact, AT&T has petitioned the FCC to get out of the landline maintenance business and will no longer be maintaining the network after 2021. (insert link to article on website?)

What Does This Mean to You?

If you’re the owner or manager of a commercial building, you are still required to have two dedicated phone lines to connect your building to a call center to dispatch the fire or police services when an alarm is activated. These phone lines are part of a rapidly deteriorating infrastructure. As users continue to move away from POTS technology, the cost to maintain and provide service goes up while reliability is going down.

Radio-Mesh Fire Alarm Monitoring is the Solution

MeshWrx is a wireless technology that provides a fault-tolerant, end-to-end delivery system for fire alarm monitoring. MeshWrx replaces your existing phone lines and installs our mesh radio device to your existing fire alarm control panel. When an alarm is sounded, MeshWrx transmits the alarm signal from your fire alarm control panel to the call center using “smart radio” technology.

Each mesh radio device installed on the network acts as a receiver, transmitter, and repeater of the radio signals on the MeshWrx frequency. These signals are sent through the fastest possible route to the Central Station Monitoring System (Call Center) which alerts the proper authorities in real-time to lessen the impact of the disaster. The routes are continuously recalculated to ensure information is traveling efficiently. As new transmitters are added to the network, the system dynamically adjusts the paths which information travels on. Not only does this provide maximum efficiency but it allows the network to grow exponentially without the need for additional infrastructure.

Fire Alarm Monitoring System

Why Switch to Mesh Technology?

It’s only a matter of time before the existing telephone infrastructure becomes too expensive and unreliable to support your fire and life safety systems. Upgrading to MeshWrx today provides immediate benefits such as:
Faster Response Times – MeshWrx communicates to the call center in 1-3 seconds. Phone lines can take up to 45 seconds to reach the call center. In the event of an incident, seconds can make a difference in saving lives and property.

  • Fault-tolerant system – Unlike other wireless communication systems that suffer performance issues when traffic is increased on their network, MeshWrx’s performance improves when new devices are added. As the number of devices increase, there are more possible routes and these routes are automatically re-configured to minimize the time it takes to reach the call center.
  • Cost-effective – The MeshWrx radio is installed by licensed technicians. There is no cabling, trenching or additional wiring required.
  • Universal Compliance – Mesh technology was built with military applications in mind. It’s been tested and approved to the highest standards, is UL Certified, and endorsed by the NFPA.
  • Unmatched Compatibility – Our mesh radios work with nearly all manufacturer’s fire alarm control panels. Installation to your existing system is quick and easy.
  • No future upgrades required – Other communication systems (Cellular and Internet) are used to share a variety of content. They are constantly enhancing and upgrading their systems to accommodate more users and more traffic, requiring users to regularly upgrade their equipment to keep up with technology enhancements. Our mesh network only provides alarm monitoring signals. There is no need to upgrade your device in the future.
  • Start saving money immediately – Eliminating the cost of the two required phone lines will generate immediate savings. MeshWrx bundles the alarm monitoring cost with the system connectivity at a low monthly rate. In addition, there is no charge for the equipment or cost to install the device making it even easier to switch.

Cut the Cords – Get MeshWrx and Save

Eliminate the headaches and expense associated with your current fire alarm monitoring system and switch to MeshWrx today.