Mesh Vs Cellular Part 2 – Reliability Comparison

Mesh Technology

In our previous blog post, Mesh Network Vs. Cellular Alarm Monitoring, we identified a problem that building owners and their managers are facing—the outdated, inefficient and unreliable phone lines required for their monitoring fire and life safety systems. We introduced the choices available in the market today—Cellular vs Mesh Radio Technology. In this blog post, we continue the comparison and focus on the issue of system reliability. We begin with a brief overview of how each communication system works.

Reliability of Cellular

When it comes to system reliability and performance, cellular systems suffer from a couple of significant issues. The first issue is that the cellular system is used for a variety of different activities. An increase in traffic can cause the cellular system to slow down or fail. We have all experienced the problem of a dropped call. When this happens, there is no way for alarm signals to be prioritized above any other type of signal. If the system is busy, your alarm signal may be the call that is dropped.

Another significant issue with cellular systems is the single point of failure. In a cellular system, if any part of the communication chain (cellular base station, backhaul link, gateway, or internet service provider) goes down, the communication link is broken and there is no workaround.

Reliability of Mesh Network

At MeshWrx, our network is designed to do one thing and one thing only—transmit alarm signals. Our mesh network does not transmit any data but alarm signals. The data packets transmitted on this network are small and there is no chance that the network will be too busy or crash due to overuse.

Unlike cellular, there is no single point of failure on a mesh network. As new devices are added, the network gets stronger and system performance and reliability increase. If a single point of communication fails, the system simply reroutes the signal around the downed unit.

Don’t you want the most reliable system when you do need it? If that’s the case, then MeshWrx has the solution for you. For more info, watch our video and give us a call at 855-MESHWX or contact us here