Mesh Vs Cellular Part 4 – Obsolescence

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Cut the Cords….to Your Fire Alarm Monitoring.

In our previous blog post (Cellular vs Mesh – performance), MeshWrx identified a problem that building owners and their managers are facing –the outdated, inefficient and unreliable phone lines required for Fire Alarm monitoring systems. We introduced the choices available in the market today – Mesh Radio Technology vs. cellular. In this blog post, we continue the comparison and focus on the issue of obsolescence.

Mesh Vs Cellular Obsolescence

Obsolescence of Cellular

The cellular platform is an evolving, changing technology. In just over 20 years, cellular technology has evolved from analog to digital to 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G. With each technological leap, customers are expected to invest in the latest technology, even if they don’t need it.

With each evolution of technology, eventually, users will be forced to upgrade to the new version in order to maintain their service. This requires subscribers to pay for new equipment and the cost of installation. However, alarm signals don’t change. The signals transmitted are small data packets that don’t benefit from an improvement in technology. You are just paying to access the technology – not take advantage of it.

Obsolescence of Mesh Network

Mesh technology is designed to do one thing and only one thing – transmit alarm signals from fire or security panels to a central station. Mesh technology does not attempt to provide expansive data services such as phone calls, emails, videos, games, etc…

Because of this focus, there is no need to expand or upgrade the technology to provide improved performance. Once you install the MeshWrx solution, you will not be required to upgrade this technology in the future. Set it and forget it. You can focus on more complex issues knowing that your alarm monitoring solution is working – and will work in the future.

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