This month’s MeshWrx client spotlight features the RiverRock Real Estate Group, a property management firm with multiple offices in California and Arizona. The following is a summary of recent discussions with RiverRock leaders.

River Rock Alarm Monitoring Case Study


Q: What was the vision behind starting RiverRock RealEstate Group?

A: John Combs founded RiverRock Real Estate Group in 2003 based on the opportunity to provide superior property management services at a competitive value. Inspired by new ideas in service, technology, training, and pricing, John envisioned that his firm would become an indispensable asset to every client it serves.


Q: What has made RiverRock indispensable to its clients?

A: The client-centric approach to property and asset management, focused on providing superior, hands-on management and specialized accounting services has propelled the growth of the firm. Today, RiverRock manages more than 29 million square feet of office, retail and industrial properties throughout California and Arizona.


Q: When did you start looking for an alternative alarm monitoring solution?

A: RiverRock’s attention to detail led them to recognize a disturbing trend in the management of their properties – a significant increase in trouble calls related to alarm monitoring systems in their buildings. Upon further investigation, they realized that the overwhelming cause of these trouble calls are related to the dedicated phone lines required for fire alarm monitoring systems.

Their research indicated that as people move away from traditional phone lines (POTS) to other forms of communications, the existing phone infrastructure is beginning to collapse. Juliet Hover, Senior Property Manager at RiverRock shared, “We took it for granted that the phone system would always work.” Upon further research, she learned that companies such as AT&T and Verizon, that maintain the POTS infrastructure, have petitioned the Federal Government to get out of the POTS line maintenance responsibility. It was clear that phone line reliability was only going to get worse and a new solution was needed.


Q: When looking for a new alarm monitoring solution what values had to be at the forefront?

A: As a core business practice, RiverRock seeks out technological solutions that can add value for their clients. The team focused on alternative solutions that would provide the following:

  • Increased Reliability – RiverRock’s Property Managers were spending too much time responding to trouble calls and dealing with nuisance issues related to the unreliability of the phone lines. They wanted a solution that was reliable and stable and would allow them to focus on more important issues related to managing their client’s properties.
  • Improved Performance – For years, fire alarm monitoring systems were both reliable and dependable. Hover shared, “We wanted another system that would meet or exceed this standard of dependability and performance.”
  • Cost Savings – According to Hover, “An investment in new technology should yield cost-savings and provide an increase in value for our clients. Any investment in new technology should generate a significant ROI to our property owners.”


Q: When did you first hear of MeshWrx?

A: RiverRock’s research led them to MeshWrx, an alarm monitoring company that provides fire alarm monitoring systems supported by radio mesh technology.


Q: What made you believe MeshWrx would align with your core values?

A: Mesh technology is “smart radio” technology that was originally designed for military applications. Traditional radio communication systems relied on a primary sender (broadcast) sending a signal to multiple receivers. With mesh technology, every radio is intelligent, and can both send and receive signals. The “smart radio” technology allows devices to find the most direct route to their receiver.

Mesh technology is the preferred technology used by first-responders and has been in use for alarm monitoring systems for decades. However, only recently has it grown in popularity because the once reliable phone system is deteriorating.


Q: Since converting to MeshWrx, what has MeshWrx helped you achieve?

A: MeshWrx proposed that RiverRock begin converting their existing fire alarm monitoring systems that rely on phone lines to their mesh radio system. MeshWrx installs their intelligent radio device to the customer’s fire panel which eliminates the need for expensive and unreliable phone lines.

“Eliminating the phone lines saves our clients on average $150 per month from what they were paying. The MeshWrx solution included the mesh radio connection and monthly alarm monitoring for the low price of only $80 per month. MeshWrx also installed their system at no cost making it easy to switch with no out-of-pocket expenses. Compared to other solutions we looked at, MeshWrx saved our property owners thousands of dollars. It’s not often that we can bring a new technology that is more reliable, performs better and with no out-of-pocket expenses to our customers!” said Hover.

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