Houston… We are Landing!

MeshWrx is excited to bring to the Houston market a more reliable, cost-efficient, and hassle-free alarm monitoring solution. Using mesh radio technology, originally developed for military, police, and fire communication systems, has successfully been deployed in the fire alarm monitoring space by MeshWrx. Mesh technology delivers quicker response times, unparalleled reliability and is proven to be the most effective fire alarm monitoring solution for protecting lives and property.

MeshWrx’s parent company, VFS’s, owner and founder, Randy Nelson, recognized the need to deliver a more reliable technology to impact life-saving communication. The current industry standard of using outdated telephone lines for communication is no longer a viable solution. “We are excited to bring this innovative technology to our customers and the fire alarm monitoring industry.” The MeshWrx solution is future-proof, secure, and takes less than 3 seconds to send alarm communication, beating industry standards.

Prologis, the world’s leader in logistic real estate, has converted more than 100 properties to the MeshWrx system saving them more than $100,000 by eliminating the costly and unreliable phone lines. Transwestern, a national real estate property management company, has started the process of migrating 25 properties to MeshWrx saving them more than $24,000 a year, with plans to add another 47 properties in the next few months.

We are launching in the Houston market with a special offer. MeshWrx is offering a $0 installation – we will provide and install all equipment at no cost to the customer as part of our ongoing commitment to provide cost-effective services and industry-leading innovation in this market. “What makes us compelling, is our drive to continually challenge the status quo, by developing industry-leading technology which complements our services to provide the best customer experience in the fire and life safety industry” stated Nelson.

To learn more about our mesh radio solution visit: https://meshwrx.com/technology/

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