The Problem

Since the very beginning, fire alarm monitoring systems have connected to Call Centers via traditional phone lines. In order to ensure that there wasn’t a single-point-of-failure when an alarm was activated, the authorities required each system to have two dedicated phone lines. This system worked fine for decades largely due to the fact that there weren’t any reasonable alternatives.

Proven Alternative Solutions For Cellular Alarm Monitoring

In the mid-1980s cell phones entered the market and slowly began to change the way people communicated with each other. By 2011 it was estimated that there were more calls made on cell phones than on wired devices. As users migrate away from traditional phone lines and switch to cell or VOIP for their communication systems, the amount of money paid to maintain the system began to shrink. The pool of users paying to support this technology today has shrunk so much that they can no longer support this network of outdated equipment.

Building owners and property managers are looking for alternative solutions to replace their unreliable and expensive phone lines for their fire and security alarm monitoring systems.

Many users assume that the only viable option is to switch to cellular communications as their alarm monitoring backbone. We present to you an alternative solution—mesh radio. In this upcoming series, we will compare the features and benefits between cellular systems and mesh radio systems.

How Mesh Radio Works

Mesh radio technology is conceptually simple. Signals that need to get from a monitored alarm panel to the Central Monitoring Station may either go directly from the smart subscriber at the alarm panel to the receiver in the Central Station or it will “hop” through other subscribers along the way via multiple paths until it gets a confirmed delivery at the Central Station. Protect your most precious assets with leading-edge alarm communications.

Proven Mesh Radio Technology

Our networks are built using patented mesh radio technology that was originally developed for rigorous military installations and designed solely for alarm communications. Over 100,000 new installations have been deployed worldwide since the early 1990’s and over 95% of those systems are still fully operational today.

Reliable, Better

Mesh Radio Technology will never sunset or become obsolete like AMPs, VoIP, or POTs. Our private wireless networks are proven to withstand even the most challenging conditions such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, superstorms, and wildfires. When other alarm communication alternatives fail during power outages, mesh network radio signals keep operations running at peak performance

Wireless alarm transmission stands up against the elements with no telephone service, cabling, or generators needed. We own and operate our private networks with complete control of services end-to-end.

Fast, Faster

A fire can double in size and intensity every 30 seconds. When seconds count and lives depend on it, the choice is clear for life safety and security. Our privately owned and operated networks provide the quickest response time possible delivering critical event alarm signals in just 1-3 seconds compared to the Internet at 4-6 seconds or Telephone up to 45 seconds or even longer. Multiple paths provide the shortest, most reliable route possible for alarm signals to get through.

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